AMD Radeon Rx 550x Mobile Graphic Card: Features And Specifications With Detailed Reviews 2023

Since they provide the best gaming experience, graphics account for a sizable amount of gamers’ budgets. This entire next section is predicated on the notion that the RX 550X smartphone is an excellent place to keep a graphic. We can learn much about its power consumption, graphics settings, architecture, and gaming compatibility.

This discrete GPU, with a 50W TDP and GCN 4.0 architecture, is commonly employed for multiplayer gaming of older titles. Investigate whether or not the RX 550X Mobile meets your gaming needs. Let’s move on to its features, benefits, drawbacks, and user ratings without further ado.

Features And Specifications

GPU NamePolaris 23
GPU VariantPolaris 23 MXT
ArchitectureGCN 4.0
Release DateApril 11th, 2018
GenerationMobility Radeon(RX M500X)
Memory Size2 GB
Memory TypeGDDR5
Memory Bus64bit
Pixel Rate18.82Pixel/s
ConnectorPCI-Express 3.0 x8 interface

RX 550X’s Incredible Processing Features

Launched on April 11th, 2018, is the RX 550X. There are few features to evaluate a CPU on. We all require information on the types of gaming, power requirements, and cost.

• Electricity Usage

The discrete GPU AMD Radeon Rx 550x Mobile can support a variety of desired games with the least amount of power consumption restriction because of its low power consumption of 50w. The Polaris 23 graphics processor guarantees the gaming performance of medium-standard pixel games.

• Performance in-game

It is thought that the Mobility Radeon (RX 500x) GPU Polaris 23MXT model supports multiplayer gaming and can run older titles at 720p and even 1080p graphic settings. The DX 12 framework, utilized by the most recent games, is also supported. You’ll be happy you chose this mobile graphic card because it supports most games at medium visual levels.

• Processing on GPU

Thanks to its GCN 4.0 architecture, which supports a pixels rate of 18.82 pixels with an Intel Core i3-12100, the RX 550X is a good choice among several alternative graphic card possibilities. The average frame rates for 1080p and 1440p are 15.3 and 11.0, respectively, which is deficient and won’t likely handle high-pixel games. It might be problematic for more recent games and call for a GPU with more excellent performance.

• Memory Assistance

The user needs more memory support with 2.0GB of RAM. With fewer data support, playing most games would undoubtedly cause you pain. According to the recommendations of organizations like Nvidia and Adobe, one needs graphic cards that support a minimum of 4GB of memory for light work.

• Price

The RX 550X Mobile graphic card’s pricing of $923 is not both user- and pocket-friendly compared to its gaming companionship with 2GB memory and 50W power consumption support in the following laptop.

Pros and Cons

If the RX 550X is a compatible CPU, it will be clear from the pros and drawbacks table. Let’s investigate.


  • Reduced power use
  • Updates for drivers
  • Most suitable for multiplayer games
  • Apt for low graphic settings in 720p and 1080p


  • Pixels are only helpful for some games.
  • Low memory backup
  • Extremely costly

Customer Reviews for RX 550X GPU

You can more correctly choose if you use these reviews as a guide. Let’s quickly review them.

  • It doesn’t satisfy the specifications for the most recent AAA games and is regarded as one of the poorest graphic cards.
  • The performance is comparable to that of the Nvidia Geforce MX250 and is barely adequate for casual gaming.
  • Excellent GPU for the money. I can play more recent games in 1080p at high settings. I advise anyone interested in casual gaming to get this card.
  • It is a fantastic low-cost graphics card that works with nearly all games at full extreme settings on 1080p. The AMD Radeon Rx 550x Mobile is the one to get if you’re seeking a card that can handle fundamental gaming tasks.
  • The height of the card and the location of the 8-pin outlet for the power line are two fundamental issues. Case size was a problem when using this in a pre-built system, and you might need an adaptor to reroute the power connection to get the case near.
  • It is among the top cheap GPUs. The black and gunmetal grey colors will go with most systems, and it is simple to install.

Do You Want To Try It?

Let’s admit with a bit of debate if AMD Radeon Rx 550x Mobile graphics card can meet the demands of today’s game nerds after going over its features and pros and disadvantages list. According to the linked storage backup, it can support DirectX 12 and execute the necessary gaming applications. It works well for multiplayer games, older titles, and games with lower graphic settings, but it will have problems with modern high-performance games, and you will need a GPU with more power.

Even after investing significant money in this DirectX 12 graphics card with little power, you won’t enjoy the finest possible gaming experience. Give this choice another look if you are content with online multiplayer games and titles with no more than 1080p graphic settings.

Final Thoughts

We determined that AMD Radeon Rx 550x Mobile is an appropriate mobile graphic card based on the thorough specifications, features, and customer reviews. One that will support your moderate gaming needs while using less power. Despite the strange memory backup, it will satisfy the needs of the DX 12 framework, which is used by the newest games.

FAQs About AMD Radeon Rx 550x Mobile

1. Is there a recommended minimum amount of memory for the Radeon RX 550X?

Ans: The current 2GB storage power of the Radeon RX 550X mobile should provide a backup of 4GB for delicate tasks.

2. How well does the Radeon RX 550X run? What games?

Ans: Most of the top 10,000 PC games are playable on a standard PC, including Grand Theft Auto 5, Apex Legends, Cod Warzone, and Cyberpunk 2077.

3. The Radeon RX 550X is AMD’s newest graphics card, but how does its performance stack up against other recent AMD products?

Ans: AMD Vega 8 is an integrated graphics processing unit (GPU) in recent AMD CPUs that offers comparable performance with lower power consumption.

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