Carbinox Smart Watch: Personal Review In 2023

A brand called Carbinox was just raised in Florida in 2021. Power banks, accessories, torches, backpacks, wallets, and smartwatches are just a few of the products offered by this firm. Their product lineup now includes smartwatches. Products made by Carbinox are renowned for their toughness, power, and resilience. It is a travel and adventure-oriented brand. This article will review the newly introduced smartwatches of Carbinox.

Screen Size1.69 Inches
Special FeaturesTime Display, Sleep Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor
Age RangeAdult
Compatible DevicesSmartphone
Operating SystemAndroid, Ios
Water ResistanceWaterproof
Sport Fitness
Batteries1 Lithium Ion battery required
Weight4.6 Ounces
Dimensions3.46 x 3.35 x 2.44 Inches

Pros And Cons Of Carbinox Watch Review


  • Waterproof
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Monitor for Blood Pressure
  • Monitor your heart rate.


  • Battery life and charging issues
  • Simple to Break Screen
  • Poorly Made Clasp
  • No Conversion to Fahrenheit is Possible.

Features Of Carbinox Watch Review

1. Design

You’re going to enjoy this. This watch is unquestionably for you if you’re a tough and rugged person who feels the same way about your accessories. This watch has a rugged design, but not in a slow way. No, it’s fantastic. This watch has an athletic feel to it. How fantastic the design of this watch is can hardly be expressed in words. You and this watch are a match made in heaven if your personality has an athletic and brutal aura.

2. Build Excellence

What do you expect, given that this watch is designed for business? If there were an S in “Carbinox,” we would have stated it stands for strength, but there isn’t one. What, it’s not funny? Neither is the watch’s construction quality. Given that it has been shown that this watch was created for industrial use, the build quality is excellent.

This watch has been purchased by individuals working in demanding industries, who claim that “It takes the beating and is ready for more.” Yeah, indeed, that speaks a lot about this watch’s strength.

3. Display

We are aware that you are curious to learn more. You’ll undoubtedly be interested in the display as it’s a smartwatch. The display measures 1.72 inches in size. The screen size is ideal for wrists with standard widths. The LCD has a resolution of 280 × 320 pixels. The clarity is outstanding. Are you concerned with watch faces?

Never be. You can choose from a tonne of fantastic watch faces that are already installed on the watch. There is a good fit for everyone regarding watch faces for carbinox watches. The screen has a full-touch feature, which is the most significant feature.

3. Hardware

The Carbinox smartwatches have a 128 MB storage capacity and an nrF52840 power processor. It has a Bluetooth 5.0 connection with iOS and Android phones and tablets. The 350 mAH battery life of these smartwatches are excellent. Without recharging, the battery may last for 45 days.

Functions of Carbinox Watch

It would only be possible to conclude an evaluation of a smartwatch by discussing its features. The reason why users are going crazy is because of this. Let’s go through each feature that carbinox watches have in more depth.

1. Sports Events

Even the features of Carbinox timepieces have a sporty appearance. The watch will function well for any sport you want to play—running, walking, cycling, football, basketball, rugby, tennis, golf, yoga, dance, or workout. The Carbinox Watch Review can be used for any sport, including walking, cycling, football, basketball, rugby, tennis, golf, yoga, dancing, and workouts.

2. Health and Fitness Purposes

If you are so active, your health and fitness are undoubtedly vital to you. So you should always have something like a small doctor with you? Your companion will be this watch. This watch features a feature that continuously monitors your heart rate, so you’ll always be aware of it. How will this be beneficial to you? You can use it to determine which activities are healthy for your body and which are not.

Blood pressure and blood oxygen levels are also monitored, in addition. That’s fantastic, right? Users are happy with the data and its accuracy, which gives us confidence that you will also be.

3. Smart Notifications

If a smartwatch isn’t connected to your phone, it’s not truly smart. So, yes! This watch is truly multifunctional. The carbinox smartwatches are compatible with smartphones. What possible benefit could that possibly have? Use the intelligent notifications app on this watch with the aid of this. The notice for a new message will appear on your watch, which is right on your wrist, even if you are outside your room. Due to these intelligent notifications, individuals have commented how simple it has been to cut back on their screen time and improve their concentration while working.

4. Other Additional Functions

If you think that’s it, don’t be so sure, sweetheart; this watch has more to offer to dazzle you truly. The Carbinox watches offer the feature to split your screen, which is remarkable if you like split screens on laptops and phones. This watch is very clever because it also informs you of the weather in your area.

Technical Information

Here are a few more technical details that will improve your ability to evaluate the engineering and operation of this watch.

  • 8762DK Processor
  • TFT LCD measuring 1.72″ with 280 x 320 pixels
  • Sensors: g-sensor, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen monitoring
  • Battery: Lithium-polymer 380 mAh, 50 days of standby time, and 15 days of regular use
  • Five ATM of water resistance, or IP69K

Who Chooses Carbinox Watch and why?

It will be required to briefly examine the product’s four fundamental features after discussing the favorite aspects of Carbinox Watch Review and why and by whom it should be chosen. Carbinox is a product with full multifunctionality and various functions to start.

While it offers a variety of capabilities, from health to sports activities and even social media notifications, it will bring significant practicality while occupying a small position in your life. Carbinox’s quality and capacity to carry out the numerous tasks I specified before with exceptional performance are a bright privilege on the product.

The product has a beautiful and contemporary look and is comfortable and convenient. When I put everything together, the item is inexpensive and has a value-for-money element that matches its quality. Ultimately, it is ideal for everyone who enjoys athletics and those who work or lead regular, sedentary lives. 


You should choose the Carbinox Watch Review if this is your first time wearing a smartwatch. They are within a reasonable range, and their quality is likewise top-notch. They are flexible and long-lasting so they can be worn frequently. They have a simple yet attractive style that suits them for wearing everywhere, including the gym, parties, and the office during the day.

On the wrist, the sleek dial design is quite fashionable. People are free to wear anything they want. Carbinox watches thus combine fashionable elements with intelligent ones. Adventurers, sports fans, and fitness devotees should consider purchasing one of these watches. 

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