12 Best Homeworkify Alternatives Sites For Homework Help 2023 (With Features)

This article will discuss How To Unblur Chegg Answers Without Homeworkify. The American company Chegg provides various services, including textbooks, tutoring, homework help, and answers to inquiries. Although some people find Chegg too pricey, others use Homeworkify to unblur answers in Chegg. Yet that could become a problem given that Homeworkify occasionally experiences outages.

There might be a partial list of Homeworkify’s services, features, and capabilities to help students obtain the information they need to be successful in their various fields of Study. Homeworkify cannot be used to unblur Chegg’s answers, so it may be necessary to look into other options while obtaining extra services and study resources.

12 Techniques For Clearing Chegg Answers Without Homeworkify

1. Brainly

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With the help of experts and users worldwide, students may crowdsource solutions to challenging assignment issues using the educational technology platform Brainly. College, high school, and middle school students who require assistance with homework, tests, or quizzes should use the platform. Imagine it as Quora for college students. You only need to ask a question; other users will answer it. Brainly uses an honor code system that prohibits plagiarism and advises student users to refrain from sharing content from textbooks or course materials without receiving teachers’ explicit authorization.


  • Like Homeworkify, Brainly doesn’t have a specific topic area in mind. As a result, you are free to ask questions on any subject, including geometry, history, the SAT, literature, medicine, foreign languages, and advanced placement classes.
  • You can always count on the students, instructors, researchers, Ph.D. holders, and other professionals on Brainly to help you solve academic challenges and better comprehend the ideas presented in your textbooks.
  • You can also use Brainly to broaden your knowledge and acquire new skills by answering other users’ queries. One significant aspect of Brainly is that you can use the platform without paying a subscription fee.

2. Course Hero

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Course Hero

One of the best methods to locate solutions to queries you would not otherwise be able to access through Chegg is to use the resources provided on the Course Hero website. For users of various academic levels, the website contains a substantial database of usual homework and textbook solutions. Course Hero offers lessons in almost every subject you can imagine, including, but not restricted to, math, engineering, technology, science, history, the arts, business, and social science.

One of this platform’s best advantages is allowing users to submit their study materials and make them viewable to others. By narrowing down your searches to specific subjects, publications, or even organizations, you can find the answers to your questions.


  • You must copy the question you could have entered into the Course Hero search window on the Chegg website. A similar response to the one on Chegg will appear as a result. This is because both websites use the same formulae or methods to produce responses to various questions.
  • Course Hero poses questions within the system and provides step-by-step responses.
    In reality, you can find informative responses in the form of video explanations in addition to written explanations.
  • Because of its simple UI and clearly defined sections, Course Hero is relatively easy to navigate.
    For instance, it’s simple to copy and paste your question from Chegg and find the answer because the search bar is easily located at the top of the home page.
  • The website has two sections: one for looking for textbooks and solutions and the other for looking up study aids. Also, there is a 24/7 homework help section where answers are created in 15 to 30 minutes.
  • This website may also put you in touch with qualified tutors who can provide the specialized help you need to increase your knowledge in any subject. Course Hero charges a fee to access the website’s content.
  • You can get around the payment issue and gain free, momentary access to the site’s content by uploading a handful of your study materials.

3. Quizlet

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You can unblur Chegg answers without using Homeworkify by creating a Quizlet account. The good news is that you can set up a paid or free account. A paid membership grants you access to more features and capabilities, but a free account can also be a terrific alternative if you only need to search for a few answers. After you have an account, copy the question from Chegg and paste it into the Quizlet search box. The outcome of this action is likely similar to the uncleared response on the Chegg website.

One of Quizlet’s best advantages is the fact that it provides thorough justifications for every one of the questions. This makes it easy for pupils to comprehend fundamental concepts and formulas, apply them in related situations, and produce accurate results. Quizlet has become one of the most popular websites for instructors and students who want to learn more, thanks to its enormous library of knowledge and study materials.


  • It covers a variety of subjects, including maths, physics, business, history, philosophy, music, engineering, and language. The website includes games, flashcards, and tests to make learning enjoyable.
  • These exercises can significantly reduce pupils’ anxiety levels and allow them to learn while having fun. Quizlet has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, which you should also know. Check OBS Alternatives as well.
  • This makes it possible for professors and students to continue their studies while on the go. The software’s best advantage is that it works even when you are offline.
  • It can also sync with the website to access the app’s bookmarks and get all your study resources.

4. Symbolab

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Symbolab is one of the better possibilities available if you’re seeking websites like Homeworkify that will assist you in finding answers to maths problems. It is a tool for learning maths that enables you to explore, StudyStudy, and apply various maths concepts. Symbolab will offer complete, step-by-step solutions to any calculus, trigonometry, or algebraic maths problems you need help with when you submit them. From middle school to college, the website covers maths and simplifies them for users to understand.

Symbolab offers some intelligent calculators and conversions for numerous professions and hobbies, including STEM, building, finance, cuisine, and fitness, since it is solely focused on giving scientific material instead of Homeworkify, which acts as a general knowledge tool.


  • Equations, trigonometric equations, simultaneous equations, integrals, functions, inequalities, derivatives, tangent lines, and more can all be solved with a calculator.
  • Moreover, Symbolab features a group capability for building online courses and a graphing calculator for plotting functions and printing or exporting them as PDFs.
  • You can use the practice tool to hone your mathematical abilities by completing custom practice problems and quizzes.
  • A limited free plan allowing you access to practice questions is available from Symbolab, and a pro package with full access is also available. The Pro plan costs $2.49 per week, $1.66 per week billed monthly, or $0.57 billed annually.

5. Quizplus

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In addition to Homeworkify, Quizplus provides unblurred Chegg answers. The database of this particular website contains information about more than 300,000 different tests. It also contains solutions to more than 20 million inquiries. Like the other choices on this list, Quizplus provides study materials in various subject areas, such as maths, science, trades, technology, nursing, computing, and engineering.


  • Also, it has an easy-to-use layout, making it simple for anyone to locate the needed portions.
    The Search box at the top of the website enables quick searches for any inquiries you have.
  • To unblur a response from Chegg, you must copy and paste the question from Chegg into the Quizplus search field. The system will display a response once you press the enter key that will resemble the hazy Chegg response.
  • Also, this website offers customized instructional services to help pupils become more knowledgeable.
    For instance, if you are experiencing trouble with textbook questions, you can create an account and ask an expert to provide a personalized instructional answer.
  • If you need to look up a few questions, you can choose to create a free account on this website.
    Consider registering for a premium plan if you are serious about furthering your education.
  • Paid subscriptions offer access to more learning resources, detailed responses, and quicker customer assistance. The signup process is easy because you may establish an account for this website using your current email address or social media credentials.

6. Crazy for Study

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Crazy for Study

Crazy for StudyStudy is an alternative to Homeworkify for unblurring Chegg questions. More than 50 million homework assignments are available in this academic search engine. It is among the most dependable and trustworthy resources because it consistently provides 100% accurate responses. To unblur any question on Chegg, copy and paste it into the search box on this website and hit enter.


  • It will almost always produce a similar result to what Chegg provides. You should be aware that the language of the answers may vary significantly because different people wrote them.
  • It features a simple layout with few sections and writing to ensure you feel comfortable using this website. The search bar can filter the results based on the ISBN, the textbook title, or particular questions.
  • Another website that makes it simple for students to comprehend the fundamental concepts provides detailed responses to various questions.
  • The topics you can research on this website include science, math, engineering, law, business, social science, and music, to name just a few. You can create an account on the website and use it for free as long as you wish. There are some limitations to a free membership, though.
  • For instance, you can only submit 50 custom queries with a free account. Following that, you will need to sign up for a premium plan to keep enjoying the benefits of the site. Crazy for StudyStudy is a mobile application for iOS and Android devices. Thanks to the app, students can get study materials and answers more easily while on the go.
    Check Knowledge Managers as well.

7. Studypool

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A global online education portal, Studypool is on a mission to make education available to all students. By linking them with professionals who can provide them the insights and clarity they need, it provides micro tutoring services for students who require assistance answering academic issues. You can utilize Studypool’s many fascinating features to deepen your knowledge, ace your assignments and tests, or enhance your practical abilities.


  • The Notebank is one of these features; it has over 20 million study documents that students from over 150 nations and hundreds of renowned colleges have created and submitted.
  • With the help of the Quick Questions tool, you can get in-depth responses to short, straightforward inquiries.
  • But, if you have more challenging inquiries that need in-depth responses, justifications, or analyses, you can post your inquiries on Studypool, establish a deadline, and indicate how much you’re prepared to pay for responses.
  • Studypool will submit bids from tutors willing to answer your query and who are qualified and vetted.
  • You can let Studypool choose the tutor it believes is best suited to address your issue for you, or you can compare tutor profiles, statistics, and reviews on your own.

8. Photomath

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If you need homework assistance, Photomath is another option to consider besides Homeworkify.
Photomath, in contrast to Homeworkify, is entirely dedicated to offering solutions to mathematical puzzles.


  • One of the most popular maths programs worldwide, Photomath, has been downloaded over 300 million times. The platform aims to make maths easier to learn and understand for everyone, particularly for schoolchildren, by breaking down ideas into manageable steps.
  • Using Photomath, you may work on math or calculus problems and get step-by-step directions on how to answer them. As a result, you are given more than just the solution; you are shown how and why each step was reached.
  • A wide range of maths subjects is covered by Photomath, including statistics, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, word problems, and more. You can use Photomath to instantly acquire step-by-step solutions by taking a photo of the maths problem with the app or manually entering problems using the intelligent calculator.
  • Even animated video content is available on the platform to help you comprehend and remember mathematical ideas. The fundamental features of Photomath can be used to obtain free solutions to any mathematical queries.
  • But, you may spend money on the app’s paid subscription service, Photomath Plus, if you want to hone your maths abilities and delve further into maths ideas with on-demand tuition.

9. Socratic

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Students can utilize the Google AI-powered online learning platform Socratic to look for information, answers, and queries about their academic endeavors. It supports all courses, including history, maths, science, social studies, and literature.

The tool offers visual explanations to aid in your understanding of concepts across various topics.
It uses speech and text recognition to present the most pertinent materials and resources for your learning efforts.

  • All kids, whether they are in elementary, middle, high school, or college, benefit from Socratic.
  • You can use it to finish your homework, prepare for tests and exams, or use it as a study aid to help you investigate topics, fill in knowledge gaps, and comprehend concepts.
  • Enter your question, take a photo of it, or utilize the voice option, and Socratic will compile the best solutions for you.
  • The response you receive may be in the shape of an infographic, a video explanation or tutorial, a descriptive solution, a graphic depiction, a Google search, anecdotal comments, a thorough analysis, or another format.
  • Socratic is a more accessible option than Homeworkify and most other learning and homework assistance platforms because of the range of available question-answering formats.
  • Students can select the answer types and delivery methods that best suit their learning styles, which helps them absorb the information.

10. SolutionInn

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SolutionInn is yet another excellent tool for unblurring answers in Chegg without Homeworkify.
More than 2.5 million textbook answers are in this website’s database. Users of diverse skill levels and educational backgrounds can quickly become familiar with and start using the website thanks to its simple design. Enter the solution into SolutionInn’s search bar to unblur it in Chegg. Another unblur without homeworkify chegg solution is this one.


  • After copying the query from Chegg and pasting it into the search box on this page, you can also press the enter key on your keyboard. This should result in a list of relevant responses, the top one of which will match the hazy Chegg response.
  • As usual, multiple websites typically express the same response in different ways. Using the internet, you can narrow your searches to concerns about tutors, books, and textbooks.
  • One of this website’s best benefits is its free textbooks. Everyone who wants to learn more can obtain the required learning resources, whether a student or a teacher.
  • This website also allows you to publish customized queries and set a response deadline, so keep that in mind. After that, you will receive a complete response to your inquiry within the allocated period.
  • Those who purchase the premium package are, of course, entitled to that service. You can pay an online instructor who is knowledgeable about the subject of your choice to help you understand different concepts and even your assignments.
  • With SolutionInn’s trial version, you can have up to 15 free questions answered and 15 free video consultations with online teachers.

11. 24houranswers

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College students can find 24/7 tutor support for their homework issues and assignments at 24houranswers, a website that provides the homework help. You can browse the vast collection of homework questions and answers on 24houranswers to find detailed written solutions to your homework difficulties. You can also ask the question you need assistance with, and as soon as possible, one of the platform’s trained teachers will provide you with a quotation.


  • When you locate a quote that suits your needs, you may collaborate with the teacher to acquire in-depth responses to your questions. If you require assistance studying and comprehending a topic or subject, 24houranswers also offers tutoring services.
  • The many academic topics covered by 24houranswers include java programming, sophisticated statistics, mathematics, economics, accounting, and writing.
  • You may be guaranteed to find solutions to your challenging problems and on-demand tutors who can assist you, whether a graduate or undergraduate student when you get stuck.
  • Although 24houranswers is not accessible, its pricing structure differs slightly from other websites that offer homework assistance.
  • Instead of providing subscription options, 24houranswers let tutors determine their rates per their area of specialization, the time it will take them to tutor you or answer your homework issue, and how urgent your deadline is.
  • If you feel confident about the quotes, you can proceed with the work order. If not, you can leave without penalties or charges.
  • Less expensive than personalized answers obtained directly from tutors, the answers in the 24houranswers homework collection have established individual costs.

12. Bartleby

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Another website that performs similarly to Homeworkify is Bartleby. It gives students a way to ask just about any question about essential subjects and receive the responses they require to do their homework or figure out textbook problems.

You can look through Bartleby’s Q&A section to find quick solutions to your issues. Also, you can ask one of the many recognized experts on Bartleby for assistance if your response leaves you unsatisfied or needs more in-depth explanations. These experts are accessible 24/7.


  • The fact that Bartleby provides more than simply homework assistance sets it apart from Homeworkify.
    It lets you look up textbooks and access other educational materials like concept explanations, literary guides, and writing guidelines.
  • Bartleby can also assist you in writing outstanding essays by offering you a variety of essay outlines to get you started.
  • When the essay is finished, it can assist you in plagiarism detection, grammar and spelling checks, and citation formatting.
  • There are three distinct subscription options available from Bartleby. For $4.99 for the first week, you can gain access to homework answers and professional assistance. The Bartleby Write program costs $9.99 per month to use.
  • Or, you can choose Bartleby Plus and spend $6.99 for your first week to receive access to both the homework and writing tools.


Homeworkify is a fantastic resource for assisting with your assignments and impending exams, but it is not your only choice. You can check out some great alternatives to locate textbooks, answers to homework questions, in-depth explanations of ideas, and learning materials.

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