Mpow H10 Review: Best Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Read our evaluation of the MPOW H10 over-ear headphones if you’re looking for the best headphones or wireless headphones that won’t break the bank. Its built-in features emphasise how well its reliable performance fits its reasonable pricing. If you’d like different options, read our reviews of the JBL Live 650BTNC, the Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones, and the Sharkk Bravo hybrid electrostatic headphones.

More Info About MPOW H10 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Noise Cancellation

In light of this, how does the MPOW H10 Wireless compare? However, they have a few remarkable strengths and fewer significant weaknesses. The H10 utilise an updated design to begin with. But call clarity and ANC capacity are where most changes are focused. More specifically, ANC is made possible by the combination of dual feed-forward and feed-back microphones.

In terms of over-ear headphones in this price range, the H10 is said to have one of the most extended battery life. How you use the H10 will determine whether they live up to your expectations, as is typical with over-ear headphones of this type. However, some reasonably good headphones that ultimately cost much more than these do end up competing head-to-head with their battery.

However, the H10’s calling features are where it shines. They have integrated their ANC with their calling features, producing outstanding clarity levels on both ends. On midrange headphones like the H10, this degree of clarity is difficult to find. These calling features are more than a cherry on top, even though they aren’t the main selling point of these headphones.


  • Long battery life
  • Solid performance
  • Affordable pricing


  • The design feels a little cheap

Features Of Mpow H10

1. Plan & Design

The H10’s exterior is primarily constructed of ABS plastic. On the other hand, they’ve chosen to lightly polish the outside, which is both advantageous and detrimental. It’s advantageous since it makes them appear a little prettier. Even when it’s the best material for the purpose, unmodified ABS frequently looks cheap. Therefore, the revised version appears better. However, these headphones produce a minor amount of glare on their surface while in direct sunlight because the design isn’t matte black.

On the grey version, these problems are less noticeable. Because the H10 come in two colours: sky grey and dark grey. The sky grey is a dirty white, while the dark is essentially charcoal black. The sole distinction between the two is colour. While many businesses have embraced touch control interfaces, MPOW H10 Wireless has remained true to the original analogue inputs. The ANC switch is located on the left ear cup’s base.

When it’s flipped to the on position, it’s rather apparent. Additionally, it is impossible to mistakenly hit another button while attempting to toggle the ANC because there are no other buttons near the switch.
Extremely fluid for speedy operation. There are three multi-function buttons on the right ear cup. You can play, pause, switch between tracks, and adjust the volume with those buttons.

There is a slight learning curve because there are so many controls packed into three buttons. You do need to learn a few tapping patterns. However, it is still preferable to use only two multi-function buttons. A charging connector and 3.5mm audio port are also located below the analogue inputs, but we’ll get to those later.

2. Comfort Issues

The H10 were designed to be worn continuously. There are several ways to achieve that. Ensuring the headband doesn’t press too firmly against your head’s side is one way to prevent this. When combined with larger ear cushions, the outcome might be rather favourable. The H10 uses a similar rotational construction, enabling you to rotate the ear pads by 90 degrees around their axis. As a result, the H10 should keep you comfortable regardless of the size or shape of your skull. Because of the rotatable design, you can remove one of the earcups as needed to begin hearing your surroundings.

The structure can also be collapsed. As a result, they may be folded up and crammed into a bag without risk of harm while travelling. Regarding travelling, these headphones are very light for wireless ones.
Wireless headphones are frequently allowed to be extended toward the 1-lb limit. Even though it lets you incorporate many unique features into your headphone design, that could be better for long-term comfort.

Actually, the H10 is closer to 10 ounces in weight. That makes them slightly lighter than average for wireless equipment, but they are still around two ounces heavier than what is regarded as the ideal weight. It would help if you didn’t experience any weight gain as long as you don’t wear them for 8 hours straight.

3. Mobility and Call Quality

These headphones utilise a fairly standard Bluetooth connection. Worrying too much about the Bluetooth connection is unnecessary because they aren’t truly wireless earbuds. But there are some items to keep in mind. One example is that the CSR9635 Bluetooth chip has additional CVC 6.0 support. For those who are unfamiliar, CVC technology works by quieting your speech with background noise. Even if six other people are conversing nearby, the person on the other line can easily hear you.

Contact centres use it rather frequently for that precise reason. In any case, it’s evident that the H10 can produce some fantastic call quality thanks to the usage of two different microphones for sound capture.
Especially when contrasted to a single mic arrangement that is more commonplace but does not use CVC technology.

4. The lifespan of a battery

The H10’s battery life is rated to last for a total of 30 hours. How far can they advance? The solution is dependent upon you. You’re using your headphones in what way? Do you always have the ANC running? The 30-hour estimate is accurate while listening at a volume of about half and not utilising the ANC. But is that how you intend to use the H10 most of the time? Most likely not. ANC is typically activated more frequently than not when it comes to headphones.

The assumption that this will be the case guided the design of these headphones. Therefore, claiming that these headphones can last for 30 hours is slightly misleading. Because of the ANC’s quality, half-volume levels will be good for you, but the battery life will decrease quickly, approaching 22 hours. That gets near enough to the battery results that the average listener should be looking for.

As is frequently the case, the inclusion of a wired connection makes it possible to gradually approach the 30-hour estimate. Because both Bluetooth and ANC consume roughly the same amount of battery life, you can increase your battery life back up to 30 hours if you can run a cable connection instead of Bluetooth. However, as we’ll see in a moment, that might affect the sound fidelity.

5. Audio Excellence

These headphones feature 40mm drivers, which are reasonably large. It’s fantastic that they did not choose to reduce the drivers’ size in order to make them more portable. These headphones end up sounding consistently smooth since they are supported by a CSR processor, which promises broad support for some audio codecs. Although the majority of listeners won’t likely notice the difference in codec support if you use high-quality audio codecs, that level of coverage can be critical.

According to MPOW H10 Wireless, the ANC can reduce background noise by 32dB. All of this is bullshit. Because ANC targets various tonal ranges in various ways, it is impossible to anticipate the amount of noise that will be reduced by this method. The ANC will essentially not remove any sound in specific settings. That holds for those who are exposed to high-pitched sounds in particular.

Sounds can be virtually removed in other settings. That holds particularly for lower bass tones. Voices typically pass through ANC with little to no washout because they blend high and low tones. In any event, it’s a lot simpler to appreciate how wonderful the H10 finish-up sounds after the ANC is going. They should be appropriate for almost any musical style, especially in bass reproduction.

6. The following factors

One problem! The microphone can only be used when the wireless mode is active. So, if you choose the wired option, you cannot answer calls. These headphones still frequently have that kind of restriction. You should also remember that since the earcups cannot be taken out or changed, you should take good care of them. Now offers a 2-year warranty but only applies to electrical parts and excludes normal wear and tear.

Who Should Opt for MPOW H10 Wireless Dual-Mic Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones?

The H10 has almost as high of a passing mark for comfort and portability as over-ear headphones can receive. These will never be as portable as earbuds because they aren’t quite that compact. These are going to need more than fit into a pocket with ease. However, the H10 is somewhat portable, and, more significantly, it can bend and move as necessary to prevent damage when travelling.

The MPOW H10 Wireless will be an excellent option for a few different types of people. Someone who places high importance on call clarity is one example. You and the person on the different end of the line can benefit significantly from the H10’s excellent call clarity. Because ANC and CVC technology perform so well together. People interested in trying out ANC but unfamiliar with it will also enjoy these headphones.
Although it’s not precisely ANC at its best, this is nevertheless a good introduction to the technology.


The MPOW H10 Wireless headphones have decent ANC, good sound quality, a great battery life, and a respectable appearance. And I appreciate how foldable they are. My primary complaint was the Bluetooth connectivity, which was still based on the outdated 4.1 protocol and was occasionally unstable. The band is on the large side, and they feel a little plasticky.

Overall, if you’re looking for a pair of wireless headphones with active noise cancellation that sounds great and are pleasant to wear at a reasonable price, they should be at the top of your list. Look at the Taotronic BH046s I just reviewed if you want somewhat superior build quality and improved ANC. However, I slightly preferred the sonic quality of the H10s. Additionally, the H5s I recently looked at sound decent, but their ANC is quite basic, and I prefer the way the H10s look. These are even more affordable options.

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