Nware Aurora 2019: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

A significant component of Alienware’s high-performance gaming computers is the Nware Aurora 2019. As a result of its notable contribution to the Nware Aurora line, it has been included in the lineup of many gaming PCs. Any gamer will appreciate the thin and light laptops made by Alienware. On March 20, 2017, researchers declared they had captured the first image of life on an alien planet. The Subaru Telescope was utilised to capture the image in Hawaii.

A molecular cloud 1,500 light-years from our galaxy is visible. The world’s most well-known high-performance gaming desktop is Nware’s Aurora 2019. The 9th generation of Intel Core i7 processors, an NVIDIA GPU RTX 20708GB, and GDDR6 are available from our team in collaboration with Intel. The ideal setup for any serious gamer is this one. With 16GB of RAM, a 64GB SSD, and 1TB of storage, the nware 2019 is built for performance. For $2,599, you can purchase this on Amazon.

Extensive collections of gas and dust known as molecular clouds are considered the foundation of stars. These clouds resemble luminous gas balls when viewed through a telescope. This chemical cloud is known to contain the exact number of molecules, such as DNA and proteins, required for all living things to exist as it does young stars.

Newest Nware Aurora 2019 version

One of the most cutting-edge table models on the market is the Asus Aurora gaming setup. The combination of its NVIDIA GPU RTX 20708GB GDDR6 and Intel Core i7 9700 CPU makes it ideal for demanding gamers. The nware 2019 model, which includes 16GB of RAM and a 64 GB SSD with 1TB of storage, is better than other gaming systems. However, an R9 model is available on Amazon for $2,599.


The Alienware Aurora 2019 has the following unique features and specifications:

Graphics ProcessorNVIDIA GeForce RX 2070
Operating systemWindows 10
Graphics DescriptionDedicated
CPU Model ManufacturerIntel
Hard Disk Size512 GB
Computer Memory16 GB
CPU Speed4.7 GHz
CPU ModelCore i7
Processor Count8
Weight17.8 Kg. “39.2 lbs”
ColorsLunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon

Nware Aurora 2019 Features

1. Features and design:

This gaming desktop has a smooth appearance and a cutting-edge design in perfect harmony. In addition to being visually appealing, this laptop may be utilised for other crucial duties outside gaming. Additionally, this PC may provide your gaming room setup with the perfect finishing touch. To learn more about Alienware Aurora 19, read this article and the conclusion.

2. Enhanced Chassis:

When creating gaming laptops, air ventilation must be carefully considered because they tend to malfunction when overheating from supporting a large load of operations. With the aid of a newly constructed chassis, the Alienware Aurora controls its CPU temperatures. Higher frames per second can be achieved when gaming at a controlled temperature. Additionally, it guarantees improved performance.

3. GeForce RTX 2070 from NVIDIA:

Even in the most complex games, the potent GeForce RTX 2070 guarantees that your experience will be based on superb realism and improved performance. This system allows you to play any game without worrying about latency, overheating, or other restrictions.

4. Attractive LED Lighting & Quality Nware Aurora 2019

Dell will provide a range of Alienware accessories and monitors for your Alienware craft. These contain two gaming keyboards and three gaming monitors. Three gaming rats also include identical famous artwork and several colour choices. The front panel of the Alienware Aurora 2019 has an eye-catching and intriguing LED ring.

In the world of gaming PCs, nware is a well-known brand name. Strong reputation and goodwill surround Alienware. Nware Aurora 2019 ought to be inexpensive and straightforward to use. These systems make good long-term resources since they are robust and long-lasting.

5. The Future of Gaming: Nware Aurora 2019

Both inside and out, the Alienware Aurora 2019 has a beautiful appearance. Its adaptable design will fit no matter how bright, dark, or boring the aesthetic plan is. Despite being compact, the components support various performance levels. Technology blogs offer insightful articles on relevant subjects and product reviews to assist you in selecting the best option for your technological requirements.

Thermal management for gaming systems

This modern gaming system has an airflow that is tuned for performance. With the exhausts situated in the top and back vents, your gaming system will continue to function at its peak. Cool air can be filtered through the vents on the sides and front of the device to improve performance and the long-term health of your system.

What Are The Best Features Of The 2019 Alienware Aurora?

The Nware Aurora 2019 is much more streamlined and modern-looking than the earlier generations. The Alienware Aurora 2019 has a distinct design with a great look. Although it is a matter of taste and not something that everyone would appreciate, the design of the NWare Aurora 2019 complements it with a significant impact. The item is portable and compact. The Aurora R8 is tiny and has a contemporary, sleek appearance.

What are the different ways to connect with Alienware Aurora 2019?

The best and most recent Nware Aurora software is described in this manual.

  • Seven USB ports are included in the aurora 2019 case from Nware, including two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports and one of the more recent Type C connectors that support Power Delivery.
  • The enclosure allows for the addition of two extra 3.5″ drives and two additional 2.5″ SATA III or NVMe hard drives, for a total of four storage locations.
  • A gigabit Ethernet port, an SD card reader, HD audio inputs and outputs, as well as Wi-Fi, are included. If you require greater speeds, you can also purchase an additional 5G WiGig adaptor.
  • You can use a Core i7-9700K processor to create a computer that has the ideal blend of features and power. It is highly customizable and quite strong. However, you may use an Intel Core i9-9900K processor to create something that is even faster. Additionally, the Intel Core i9-9900K processor is suggested if you frequently play video games.

The greatest accessories for your Alienware Aurora include some of these.

  • There are different configuration options available for the Dell Aero. You may easily change the height or tilt of the computer’s arm so that you can access the other components.
  • Nvidia and AMD are the two main producers of video cards. There is a set of five cards in between them.
  • The GTX 1650 to the RTX 2080 Ti are the Nvidia GPUs’ most costly and least expensive models, respectively. The RX 5700 or the RX 5700 XT are two new variants of AMD’s Radeon GPU.
  • Here, you can choose from a variety of storage solutions ranging from a single HDD or SSD up to 2TB M.
  • 2 identical-sized hard drives and SSDs.
    With Intel Optane PSTiles’ overclocking capability, RAM may be as much as 128GB.

Get the greatest audio & control software with Nware Aurora 2019 from AVTV On Demand.

Aurora is practical and simple to use. The following list of the numerous features this software offers:

  • Integrated graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
  • Windows 10 is an operating system.
  • Notifies the user that the photo is about to be taken.
  • The images are blank.
  • This is merely a model for a computer chip.
  • A PC has 16 GB memory.
  • Up to 512 GB of data can be kept on the hard drive.
  • The CPU frequency is 4.7 GHz.
  • CPU I7 Model
  • The chip is capable of handling eight calculations at once.
  • futuristic style
  • Concept + Features
  • Weight: 41.8 lbs (19 kg).
  • Weight: 45.8 lbs. or 21.7 kg.
  • Dark Flank of the Moon and Lunar Light are the two colours available.

The Aurora model offers a modern, elegant form that will give your work new depth and beauty. This is the ideal design if you value aesthetic appeal. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to complete crucial work on their home computer, including gamers. This layout will revolutionise how you use your computer and make your home the ultimate gaming space.


In today’s society, gaming laptops are popular. Because of their qualities and attributes, people adore them. The contemporary and adaptable Alienware Aurora 19 gaming desktop. This is one of the key elements behind the popularity of the Alienware Aurora 19 among gamers worldwide.


The following list includes Alienware Aurora 19 gaming desktops’ most frequently asked questions:

Q1. Can Alienware Auroras be upgraded?

Ans: The Alienware Auroras may be upgraded easily, increasing their worth as one of the best gaming desktops.

Q2. How much liquid cooling does the Alienware Aurora have?

Ans: Air cooling is supported on this gaming desktop instead.

Q3. Who designed this device, third question?

Ans: The well-known “Dell” corporation created and produced the Alienware Aurora 19.

Q4. How durable are Alienware computers?

Ans: Depending on their pricing, features, and specifications, these desktop computers last 4 to 8 years.

Q5. What storage choices does this device offer?

Ans: This gadget offers 64 GB and 128 GB of storage space.

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